MAIL: Must be postmarked the Wednesday before the Tournament starts (Thursday). Enter online- then make check out to, and mail to:

Chris Grady
2307 Rosemont Place West
Seattle, WA   98199

DROP: If you know Carla Kinnier or Pete Doyle, enter online and then you may give either CASH or CHECK to them.



This being said, it is so much easier to enter by PayPal or Credit Card. This option only costs $1.00 more.


Click here to pay by credit card or PayPal. If you do not want to create a PayPal account then select the credit card option- and later when procedure is nearly complete, simply say NO THANKS when offered the opportunity to credit a PayPal account. Your credit card order should then process.

Credit cards can also be used if you select "don't have a PayPal account