A brief review



There are actually 2 different contests going on. The first we call STANDARD- the second, SEEDED.
Standard Scoring: To get point for Standard scoring, player must correctly pick a team to win a certain game. Points are then awarded based on the points awarded for that round: First round (1point), second round (2 points), Regional ( 4 points), Semifinals ( 8 points), Finals 16 points), and Championship (32 points). This game awards most points for picking the ultimate winner. Highest total points wins!

Seeded Scoring: Points awarded on a Seed# times Round Number (Seed 10 in round 3= 30 points). This game favors those who can pick the most early round upsets. Highest total points wins!

Tie Breaker: The total of the scores for both final teams will be added together. The person closed to the actual total, without going over, will be the winner. If a second tie breaker is needed, player who picks most teams in the final 16. If there is still a tie, then Moist Teams Field of 16 will be used.

See the Rules here for the details.