After the first week the 64 teams are down to 16. As a consequence, over one-half of the Pool participants are effectively out-of-the-money. Again, this year we are going to try a way to keep the interest going for everyone. A SECOND-CHANCE Pool will be added. The $15 entry fee for the STANDARD POOL (sorry, no Second Chance Pool for Seeded Pool), will be allocated $10 will go to the STANDARD Pool as usual- but $5 will go to a new SECOND CHANCE pool.

When the Sweet 16 is determined, everyone will get to enter another pool , the SECOND CHANCE POOL for FREE- winner will take the entire pot!. There are over 90 entyries in SDtandard thius yeart- so winner will take home over $450!! Entries will be handled the same way-over the Internet. This time, of course, the pool will have only 16 entries. This will be a separate pool and will in no way relate to the first pool. Tie breaker will also be total points of both games without going over. While the total SECOND CHANCE pool dollars will be smaller, it still gives everyone hope!

There is no additional fee to enter. All STANDARD Pool participants will be notified via email when and where the entry sheet is posted.